The Lakeland Guarantee*

The Lakeland guarantee... is probably the simplest guarantee in the world! If you are not satisfied at any time, you receive your money back! This is our promise.

Shop in confidence with Lakeland.

"Every single product we sell is backed by our unconditional, no-quibble guarantee. Our testing standards are famous throughout the industry, and our guarantee is your assurance that each item has met our exacting requirements - only when we are completely satisfied will it earn a place in our range. We hope you'll be delighted with our products, but if for any reason at all you're not 100% satisfied, we'll happily refund your money without delay; to allow us to do this please keep your receipt.

Wherever you shop across the GCC region, the Lakeland guarantee always applies. If you need to return something, our friendly staff will make it really easy - we want to make sure you love the things you buy from us."

Wendy Miranda
Customer Ambassador

*Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.